With Helen Bish​op


“As a 40-something man with no previous experience of either yoga or meditation, Helen’s classes have come as a complete revelation to me. Highly articulate, witty, incredibly knowledgeable and most of all patient, Helen has instilled a real passion for yoga within me. From being a lukewarm learner, I am now practising yoga regularly at home and really feeling the benefits. Whether old or young, fit or overweight, male or female, Helen will ensure you derive all the advantages that yoga offers.”

David, Tunbridge Wells

'Helen is a wonderful yoga teacher with amazing passion for teaching. The yoga retreat in Kerala was absolutely incredible and this was down to a lot of hard work by Helen to make it special. I had never done yoga before but she managed to inspire me to continue my yoga practice now that I am back home."

Holly, Kingston.

"Dear Helen,this must be shared!

I had a baby 6 days ago (she is gorgeous) I am 44 and I was very overdue, so much calming needed. Helen's pregnancy yoga classes helped me so much. She is an awesome teacher. Intuitively guiding us and teaching us in so many valuable ways to breathe move and stretch , rest and let go. It was the hour a week I most treasured. During my labour I back breathed through my contractions, swayed and squatted and focused on my breath and what felt right.

If you are pregnant I highly recommend and Helen don't ever underestimate what you give in your classes. I loved it and it really helped me so much. Thank you xxx"

Ali Archer-Cox

"I have been practising yoga with Helen for 4 years now. She is one of the best yoga teachers I have had. She is able to tailor her class to cater for all levels of flexibility and strength. Helen has also taken me on her journey as she has continued to deepen and broaden her own experience. There is always something new to learn, to listen to, to work on. She is a truly inspiring teacher. I'm a better person (mentally and physically) for attending Helen's classes. Thank you!"

Clare, Tunbridge Wells

“Helen's welcoming, encouraging aproach is a valued and essential part of my week towards my attempt to keep energised and well. A little effort really does have its rewards.”

Alexia, Tunbridge Wells